Finding a Character’s NameSpace with MotionBuilder Python

Here is a snippet of script that I use a lot when dealing with Character’s Name Spaces within MotionBuilder.

##Setup variables to get all characters within the scene
lAllChars = FBSystem().Scene.Characters
##Setup a variable to get the length of lAllChars - this will be used to creat a loop
lNumberofChars = len(lAllChars)

##Set up the CharacterInfo Function
def CharacterInfo(i):
    ##Setup variables Current Character
    lCurrentCharacter = FBSystem().Scene.Characters[i]
    ##Select our Current Character
    lCurrentCharacter.Selected = True
    ##Setup variables for our Character's Names - we are going to split the vale at the ":" leaving us with jsut the NameSpace
    lCurrentCharName = lCurrentCharacter.LongName.rsplit(':', 2)[0]
    ##print NameSpace
    print lCurrentCharName

##Run a loop for the the number we created in the variable "lNumberofChars"
for i in range (lNumberofChars):
    ##Run our function

I often split the LongName to provide me with the NameSpace, I find it cleaner to read when I print it out – which I do often to ensure my scripts are being run on the correct characters at the correct time.

I hope this helps.

2 comments On Finding a Character’s NameSpace with MotionBuilder Python

  • Hey this is great stuff to share. I would suggest that you pass the variable i through the function arguments.
    def CharacterInfo(i):

    then in the for loop call CharacterInfo(i)

    if not then the function character info will fail if not called in the for loop using i

    • Hey Damon. Great advice! It’s a typo that I will fix right away.

      Thanks for the feed back and let me know if you have any requests on future posts.

      Thank you.

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